online services from for you

This is the main hangar.org website, can manage it ... if you have permissions :D

Webmail service webmail using the excellent roundcube.

you can join the chat based up on matrix and element.

The place where your files live in a cloud made up using nextcluoud if you have permissions.

Wher to make video calls, meet people and share video, thanks to jitsi.

Here you can see and transmit live events online thanks to nginx and rtmp.

A local videoteca an alternative to the tube,made with peertube.

Now is time share edit text with other people, thanks to EtherPad.

Also helping you to share calculations and spreadsheets, using an installations of EtherCalc.

If you need to ask for personal data, ask things or you need a form and this is our website where to do it.

Share and/or receive big files: drop the files and get a URL to share using drop folder from hangar.